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Pearce Construction Net Zero 2050 commitment

Pearce Construction has commenced its journey to a lower carbon economy with several initiatives that will have an immediate impact on the company’s carbon footprint and its journey to net zero.

The company has installed 30KW of electric PV at our head office. The premises are heated by low carbon heat pumps feeding low temperature underfloor heating running at 30 degrees. Coupled to the high levels of insulation in the build this installation provides a high quality work environment for its employees whilst also being very green. The daylight office demand hours allow the electricity generated on site to be used on site and reduces our emissions.

We now have car charging available on site. Not only has this been a carbon cutting facility it is open to both staff and any visitors to the company, making our stakeholders journeys greener when they visit us.

Our green travel plan encourages the use of our video conferencing facilities on site to avoid journeys where possible.  We also car share journeys to sites to reduce vehicle movements.

We have recently commissioned the replacement of all our fluorescent lights in the head office with new energy saving LED lighting making a significant saving in carbon in use. We also have room occupation sensors to ensure vacated unused rooms automatically switch off.

The company subscribes to green energy supplies across its entire operation where they are available. Demanding power from producers in this way will continue to green up the whole of the UK grid.

Planting trees is an excellent way of enhancing biodiversity here in our own back yard whilst also offsetting our carbon. For this reason, the company has taken a few initiatives around tree planting which includes:

  • ‘Planting Trees for the Jubilee’ creating the queen's green canopy, which we have done at our head office.
  • Planting a tree for every home we sell.
  • Specifying tree planting and wilding as part of our biodiversity work across the many developments we carry out.

DID YOU KNOW? That you can support tree planting by simply searching on the internet using