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Sustainable Construction

Pearce Construction is aware of the aspects of ‘sustainable construction’ and that it lies at the heart of the design and construct process. Sustainability is all about working together to meet the needs of today’s people, without causing irreparable damage to our environment for future generations. Our principal goal is to prevent or reduce waste going to landfill. Whilst focusing on a fabric first approach to building design.

Through both design process and construction operations we actively encourage and influence those aspects of the agenda that are within our control.

With the added commitment of our framework partners we as an organisation lead, train and implement measures for continued improvement to reduce waste, recycle responsibly and through good practice on site reduce our impact on the environment and landfill sites.

We support the fabric first approach to specification and design simply because it requires no operation or maintenance instruction. This passive approach to sustainable design limits the interaction with the building for owners and occupiers and these energy efficient measures do not generally require maintenance or replacement.